How To Tell You Wrote A Stinker

Disclaimer : No noses were harmed

Jody McAlister
1 min readNov 28, 2021


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  1. You don’t want to read it again for proofreading.
  2. It takes 10 minutes for your next story to exceed the read count of the stinker story. The worst part is, the stinker story was written 6 weeks ago.
  3. The only clap comes from your friend that you see face to face frequently. And even then they don’t mention it.
  4. Your mom drops her subscription, which she had created just to read your work.
  5. ProWritingAid, your paid software writing assistant, won’t let you paste the text in for checking.
  6. Your cat sniffs your keyboard and refuses to lay on it.
  7. Publications send you rejection letters before you contact them.
  8. The curators mark the story as “Ignored” rather than “Distributed”.
  9. Your family refers to you as a “rebel without a clause”.
  10. Your girlfriend calls you her “little escaped convict”. When you ask why, she says it’s because you never finish a sentence.

Don’t worry, I can hear your groans through the screen.

Speaking of groans…



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