Freddy The Land Octopus

I prompted an A.I. to write this story.

Jody McAlister
8 min readNov 19, 2021


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This story was written by Artificial Intelligence software known as Jarvis.

The story is 99% as generated by Jarvis. Why not 100%? Because you need to alter things. For instance, in this story, Jarvis refers to empty hats in Freddy’s possession, but later references that Freddy has no empty hats. So you need to proof the generated content for accuracy.

I’ll post my thoughts on using A.I. after the story, but for now, grab some simulated popcorn and enjoy. I chose the tone of Christopher Walken and here is the exact prompt I used to generate this story, “Freddy is a dangerous land octopus that wears a blue tutu and lures red-haired people into his seashell hut on the island of itchaskeeterbite”

Disclaimer: No computers were harmed or threatened during the creation of this story.

Octopus half in water and beach
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I’m Freddy the land octopus. I’m lonely, because nobody will play with me or touch my tentacles — it’s too dangerous. I mean, they’re poisonous and really sticky. Plus they’re all dirty from walking around on land and picking stuff up to throw at people who walk by my seashell hut on the island of itchaskeeterbite. They never come back, but sometimes they leave behind their hats or shoes…

I lurk inside my hut waiting for someone to pass by, then burst out waving all eight of my creepy limbs (four arms and four legs) yelling “Freddy wants to play!” You’d think that would send them running in the opposite direction as fast as possible, screaming bloody murder about some crazy octopus in a tutu, but no. They all walk right into my hut for me to show them the wonderful treasure trove I’ve collected over the years from throwing at people who pass by — things like watches and handbags and shoes and hats.

Empty shoes are great because they’re soft and make good beds. But empty hats…ohhh, empty hats are my favorite treasure ever! So much fun! I can roll around in them for hours, until one of my tentacles gets stuck in an eyehole or something — then it’s not so much fun anymore. I have lots of fun playing with empty hats.



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