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A listicle of realizations as I get older:

  1. I’m ready to call it a night before my 25-year-old self would have even left the house.
  2. The young girl waving at you is actually waving at the person behind you. Finally figured that one out.
  3. You forget things you just did.

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This article assumes you have a Google AdMob account, created ad units and have published an app to either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

I recently published an app to both the Google Play Store and the Apple App store that included Ads being served From Google…

Just start with WNC:

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Introducing the Wolf News Challenge. Simply put, create a headline based on a statement or action that is blatantly biased and would appear in the fictional Wolf News TV show or news publication.

Example : I post “My girlfriend looked beautiful last night” on Facebook. A…

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Fine, you clicked on this expecting an Earth shattering revelation to help you stop reading these type of stories, so I’ll give you some instructions.

I am also going to reward you with a joke at the bottom because you are a most likely a loyal reader being generous and…

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I wanted to try something different tonight.

I’m a guy who was never the best looking guy in the room, but one that would receive a sigh of relief when girls discovered I was their blind date. …

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The headline on a story from Fox News reads “McConnell says Trump impeachment trial ‘diverted the attention’ of the government as coronavirus entered US”.

This blame game is anti-productive and quite seriously has been done to death. …

You need to protect yourself a little more in areas where people run

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I live in Sonoma County, US and we have been under the “Shelter in Place” order since Wednesday at 12:01am.

The weather became nice enough Wednesday afternoon that I decided to take the allowed option of exercise…

Free levity because you deserve it!

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At the request of R Tsambounieri Talarantas, and also because we all need a break from reality at this time, I am happy to present another collection of curated jokes.

A flash flood swept over an area, stranding a man in his house.


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